Lisle_Leconte_Personalised_Antique_Very_Rare_Edition_Original_1852_Ducloux_01_uuf Lisle Leconte/Personalised Antique Very Rare Edition Original 1852 Ducloux

Lisle Leconte/Personalised Antique Very Rare Edition Original 1852 Ducloux
Lisle Leconte/Personalised Antique Very Rare Edition Original 1852 Ducloux. The description of this item has been automatically translated. [19th century FRENCH LITERATURE – PARNASUS – POETRY]. Armchair 14 of the French Academy. February 11, 1886 – July 17, 1894. Charles Marie René Leconte de Lisle, simply known as Leconte de Lisle, was a French poet. Born on October 22, 1818 in Saint-Paul on the island of Reunion and died on July 17, 1894 in Voisins (Louveciennes). Leconte de Lisle is the surname of the poet. He adopts it as his pen name, without mentioning his first names. And this choice has been taken up in the editions of his works, in his correspondence, as well as in the anthologies and in most of the works devoted to him. His usual first name, used by his relatives, was “Charles”. Leconte de Lisle spent his childhood on the island of Réunion and in Brittany. In 1845, he settled in Paris. After some attempts at political action during the events of 1848. He renounces it and devotes himself entirely to poetry. His work is dominated by three collections of poetry, Ancient poems (1852), Barbarian Poems (1862) and Tragic Poems (1884), as well as his translations of ancient authors: Homer, Hesiod, the Greek tragedians (Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides), Theocritus, Biôn, Moskhos, Tyrtée, Horace, etc. He is considered the leader of the Parnassian movement or, at least, as the master of many young poets of that time, as much by the authority conferred on him by his own poetic work. Only by prefaces in which he expressed a certain number of principles to which. The poets of a generation – between the romantic period and symbolism – grouped together. Under the term Parnassians from 1866. The Empire provides him with a pension and decorates him. The Republic attached him to the Senate library, of which he became assistant librarian in 1872, and appointed him an officer of the Legion of Honor in 1883. In 1886, nine years after an unsuccessful application to the French Academy, where he had only the votes of Victor Hugo. And Auguste Barbier, Leconte de Lisle was elected to the chair of Victor Hugo. He was received there by Alexandre Dumas fils on March 31 Mars 1887. Is a collection of poems by Leconte de Lisle published in 1852. The poems in this collection, composed in. Regular verses, draw their subjects from the history and mythology of ancient India, ancient Greece and ancient Rome; some poems at the end of the collection are inspired by the culture of Scotland. Poèmes antiques is one of the representative poetic works of the literary movement of Parnassus. Of which Leconte de Lisle is one of the main representatives. The French Academy awarded him the Maillé-Latour-Landry prize in 1854. The first edition of Poèmes antiques appeared in Paris with the publisher Ducloux in 1852; it consists of a preface and 31 poems. The collection was republished and completed several times by Alphonse Lemerre in 1874, 1881 and 1886. The definitive edition appeared in 1891, three years before the poet’s death. I’ Original edition from the first collection of poems by Leconte de Lisle. Really rare and sought after. As indicated by the bibliographers, Clouzot, Vicaire, Carteret… In his preface, which has remained famous but is absent from subsequent editions, the author declares that since Homer, Aeschylus and Sophocles decadence and barbarism have invaded the human spirit and qualifies all modern poetry. Of hybrid and incoherent art. The poems and the preface of this work will have an enormous influence on young writers. And French poets of the second half of the 19th century. Desirable copy, very rare edition! Paris, Marc Ducloux, 1852. (Imprint Marc Ducloux et Cie). Very pleasant and solid 1/2 Period binding, green leather spine, 4 raised bands. Boxes decorated with gilt fillets and titles, dishes covered with green cloth, blind fillets framing the dishes. Period binding well made and very well preserved, solid and very clean. Miscellaneous usual very minor rubbing on leather or fabric, inside guards. Soiled on edges as often. Superb copy, in very good condition inside, clean and very fresh. Important work for the History of French Literature. Other bound volumes from a good library of “fin de siècle” French literature.. In his preface, which has remained famous but is absent fro. LITTERATURE FRANCAISE “FIN DE SIECLE”. This item is in the category “Books, Comics & Magazines\Antiquarian & Collectable”. The seller is “amideslivres” and is located in this country: FR. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Binding: Leather
  • Language: French
  • topic: Editions original
  • date of publication: 1852
  • period: 19th
  • Author: Lisle Leconte
  • Place of Publication: FRANCE
  • Object modified: Non
  • Special Attributes: Edition original
  • Type: late 19th century edition
  • Brand: Unbranded

Lisle Leconte/Personalised Antique Very Rare Edition Original 1852 Ducloux